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Oh beige

by - December 31, 2018

I would like to share a little project of mine this year that sadly postponed. 

Less than twenty-four we will officially enter 2019. I would like to share a little project of mine this year that sadly postponed. In November I try to do 100 days project of my outfit every day. The goal was actually to be more productive and keep up my Instagram game that I know I already lost. Also, I want to challenge myself to style my wardrobe for new possibilities of dressing up, without buying new clothes.

Aside from being busy and lazy — doing makeup, setting up and taking photos, and editing (of course!), I felt like people will be bored seeing my setup over and over again. But, I think I'll continue doing this next year.

Even though I just finishing the ninth day, by doing this challenge, I learn one thing. Turns out, I have a lot of clothes that I rarely used. Still, in the same my small closet, I have the pile of clothes that I rarely touch. Including this beautiful lightweight coat from IKYK x I didn't know why I did grab this coat more often.

30 seconds after I put this on and decided to live the house...

My housemaid "Are you going somewhere? You look like an actress going to shows"

I don't think clothing necessarily need to attach to a profile or to some particular occasion as long as it served its purpose. For me, as long as it is practical enough to wear and comfortable, I'm good to go. Sometimes I might be justifying a purchase for a certain social occasion, I always try to invest that I can wear clothes for everyday wear. I suggest you should, too.

What I like about this coat is very lightweight so I can wear in 36 degrees Celcius of heat without feeling hot inside. I also love the details of those sleeves, beautiful but not too exaggerated. IKYK has always the best sleeves details in Indonesia.

That day, I decided to pair this up with vintage mom jeans I got from thrift market and my favorite Chuck Taylor II Lunarlon edition to get comfortable. I really like the color palette of this looks and how it turns out. Oh beige...

All that, perhaps you want to check the other eight looks of my 100 days project of the outfit of the day, visit my Instagram page or search this hashtag #100daysofoocos on Instagram.


IKYK x Kwonie Outer Vintage mom jeans H&M T-shirt Converse Chuck Taylor II

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