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Halolight: highlighter stick by Rollover Reaction

by - May 27, 2018

A part of everything I know about the beauty trends, I think this stick-products subject is going to be sticking around for a while.

First of all, I don't really wear any makeup for daily basis. I wear makeup only for special events such as a wedding or any parties. I'm not a fan of night skincare routine which involved a bunch of cleansing products. Here I am, back again with another review for filling up your weekend at home. I'm not sure that these products are for people like me. But, I love Glossier Haloscope with its natural-beautiful glow and that is why I bought these products. Let's talk about this highlighter stick from Indonesian local brand, Rollover Reaction.

A few months ago, Rollover reaction launched their Halolight. A blush, a highlighter, and a bronzer in stick form. To be honest, it wasn't a shocking moment since their products will be going towards this launch. Just had a feeling.

They come in this small black packaging which is good for traveling or just to put inside your bag. After few weeks trying them out, I made up my mind about these stick products. The formula was creamy and easy to blend. They have a texture like a lipstick. My expectation was the formula will be more like Glossier Haloscope, creamy when applied to your face but solid. 

Halolight in Roseate Glow. A blusher.
I saw the campaign image and the name itself, "glow". But, the glow, it's just the name probably for the sake of marketing. Once is blended into your face, they don't have the glow or sheen. The color suits any skin tone and I'm sure if you like the blush under your eyes like Korean makeup look, you'll love this blusher. It just blends really well on the cheeks.

Halolight in Moonlit. A highlighter. 
This is a beautiful highlighter but not natural glow. Moonlit has glitters (that sometimes a little bit patchy) and the highlight shade was a bit too dark for my skin tone--my skin is light-medium. If you have medium skin tone or deeper, moonlit is the perfect highlighter for you. The glitters make this highlight not my favorite because I prefer natural glow makeup and I want people can't see the glitter on my face.

With the price tag, IDR 139.000, you cannot expect too much. It has a decent amount of products and become a good affordable alternative. Also, a cool packaging that comes in black and travel-friendly are the pluses.

If you wanna try it, go to their website

image by yours truly
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