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Red and Denim

by - March 25, 2018

It's a little bit late for wearing red trends right now. But I'm sure this trends will stay for a little longer. I have few tips on keeping up with the trends.

We all know that bright red is actually last season's trend. But, I hadn't found any red pieces of clothing that will actually I would wear. When it comes to shopping, I'm pickier than you might actually think. Even though I love the upcoming trend, I always choose the pieces that actually work for my everyday activity. You know, I need to invest in the right pieces.

To be honest, I've never realized I would fall in love with this bright hot red trend. I used to love the darker shades of red such as burgundy, maroon, and marsala. The only bright red color I used to have in my possession was lipstick. This trend makes me seeing red in a different perspective.

I remember when I saw this red long sleeve tee shirt with cropped details and loose shoulder in Stradivarius, I was in awe. "I need to get this", I told my friend. It has everything that I want for my daily outfit and I believed this t-shirt will easily pair with anything in my tiny little closet. Also, it's very comfy.

I have few tips for some people who need to keep on trend but are on a budget:

Understand your personal style. Not every trend will work for me, or can I say us. You have to choose the trend you'll follow and don't spend too much looking trendy but ends up to wast your money. My personal style is modest fashion, chill, and relaxed. So, I always have a certain type of clothes that I always come back to. Usually, that type of clothes become my guidelines when I decided to go shopping.

Make sure you will pair it with anything you already have. As I was saying before, I always choose pieces of clothing that easy to mix and match. Investing is the key to success and richness (work hard, shop hard, save harder!) The more you understand your wardrobe, the easier you will make a decision about the type of clothes that still on trend and work for you. Always invest in something you love!

Don't push yourself too hard. If you can't afford the high-end designer piece, try to find the alternatives and affordable ones. Don't buy a knock-off. BIG NO! You have to support everyone in this world, from art, design, fashion, technology, and everything. Supporting them doesn't necessarily be buying their piece. Respect their work by not buying the knock-off version of clothes or trends. Let's support them by not buying the counterfeit pieces!

Last but not least, wear it with confidence and have fun!

That's it! Those are the things that I always consider on following trends and stay on the budget.

Not one or two people always keep saying: "You have so many clothes, no wonder you always look good". Believe me, I just have a small cabinet that is custom-made. Most of my clothes I had are from thrift shopping and my mom's old wardrobe.

Denim will be a trend again this spring. I combined these two trends into an outfit. I paired them with my favorite Chuck Taylor II from converse that I got last year. For the hijab, I pick warm subtle nude to match with the red color without being too much.

Stradivarius red long sleeve-tee / Vintage Mom Jeans / Vintage Denim Jacket / Converse Chuck Taylor II / Zona Kacamata Glasses 

Colourpop Brow Pencil in Bangin' Brunette (here) / Makeover ultra Hi-Matte lipstick in Oxford (here

Photography by Melia DP

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