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Basic Contrast

by - January 10, 2018

Happy new year everyone! It's good to be back. It's been a while since my last post, I was working hard on other things in this life. with the spirit of new year and new energy, I'd like to kick off this first week of January with new outfit post.

If you noticed, there was a lot of trends in 2017 which was very loud. From the color of red, menswear, floral, and many more. I'm sure all of you already updated about the trends. Sometimes following the trends can be intimidating, keeping up with everything you see at the store (and the Instagram following). Thanks to the technology, we are so caught up with things we see online and our desire o have pieces that we did double-click on Instagram. In this digital age, no one shops without a references.

We love it for sure.

The truth is, not everyone's capable to regale and sustain a brand new fashion piece for everyday wear especially in Indonesia. The weather and climate in this country is different. We could never wear a puffer jacket or rocking furry coat here because it will give you a burning temperature and sweat. That's why I rarely wear this very long coat I have. Yes, it's the time of the year when rain finally poured almost everyday.

In contrast with the trends all of the internet, I always go with basic. The minimalist trend has already left us since early 2017.  Despite that, these comfortable and functional clothes save me more time and effort (and money of course). My only trick is always buying functional clothes and have all the pieces without having doubt to wear it again or even forever.

The Millennial generation already cares about things like this-want more functional pieces and still look cool. A lot of trends are already give attention to this and one of the example is Mule which was my favorite trends. Flats was never my favorite shoes, the only "flats" I wear everyday is actually converse and other sneakers brands for their comfort. There are actually many brands that design and sell amazingly beautiful pairs of mule but I never like the upper soles because most of them aren't my faves. After a while I finally got the perfect mules from Details. Patent leather and small knot details, combined with rubber midsole and small height of heel shows the combination of texture which is flattering for me. With no doubt, I go with the black ones.

Once again: basic. 

If you read this blog since a long time ago, you must know me very well that I always dig into vintage clothes and bags. Coincidentally, the mules goes very well with my vintage bag from mom that she had since 1980s. Even it's a very small bag yet so classic and the patent leather gives the touch of modern. 

One of my favorite trick when I put on monochrome outfit, especially black, I paired everything with texture play. This outerwear I talk about earlier, is unbranded piece I bought in 2015. This pair was giving contrast to the outfit. The patterns are very subtle and give the perfect proportions of contrast. Not to loud and not to plain either.

As you see, I love being out of trend for a little bit, to just make a glitch and not being updated in this fast information of technology. Sometimes it can give me another fresh way to look at something that is probably not important at all.

And yes, I look like Harry Potter in this outfit. If only the outerwear was black .....

Unbranded Long Outerwear — H&M Black Long sleeve tee — Vaclo Black Trouser— Details Mules — Zonakacamata Glasses

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