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Brand To Talk About: Emina Cosmetics

by - August 21, 2017

Let's talk about branding. There's a lot of aspects in branding, to make brand as a whole.

For the past two years, I’ve been excited to try a lot of beauty products from various brands. It was really hard for me to start trusting makeup or skincare products because of so many reasons. I guess the biggest challenge when trying new products—skincare especially—are this question: how my skin going to react to this products? I was just sticking to one brands that I already know since I was younger. Then I remember, when I was entering my 20s, I realized I should get my own beauty products. In the spirit of growing up and being a lady, I started to try on so many brands, from drugstore to high end. I’ve tried more than twenty beauty brands I believe. That’s a lot, considering I only had three years to try them with a face. From lipsticks, eyebrows, to moisturizer, cleanser, and other weekly beauty routines. After trying many numbers of products, I know they have been part of my life experiments and experiences.

What’s your consideration when choosing beauty products? Do you realize why you want to try their products, they have a specific message or character and story? Yeah that’s called branding. One of my consideration to choose beauty products is the packaging. I mean, who can’t resist a cute or beautiful packaging? One of beauty brands in the past three years I’ve tried that has cutest packaging is Emina Cosmetics.

If you click on Emina website, you will see how they bring the vibe of youth. From my perspective, before I experienced the products myself, Emina is a beauty brand for younger generation, girls in high school to be exact. Their tagline is “Born to Be Loved”. I didn’t try them right away, and I believed that Emina was not for me until they were releasing Emina Creamatte, my perspective has changed.

It started when I decided to expand my collections and try other products of theirs. After my collections are pretty much enough—I also read some reviews and went to visit their store, their products are designed to express fun and feminine. When Emina decided going to more fun and active with the design direction, I was interested to try them. Using geometric pattern, bright and contrast color mixing Memphis with Swiss style on the packaging of Emina Sugar Rush Collection, it comes with modern twist with fun colors. And also, their products are packed very travel friendly, packed smaller than other brands. This is what I love most about them.

Synchronize with their message, Emina Playground, their store, are design in modern fun anf girly with great balance. The playground was designed in bright colors, fun, and has giant mirror so everyone can try products and play around. The products they sell overall are very lightweight and suitable with everyone who don't want to wear too much products and feel too thick on the skin, so it's appropriate for who just started their journey. Or just people like me, who don't wear too many layers of skincare or base makeup for daily basis.

How this brand naming their products is also interesting. I always like when brands doing a specific thing like this. Giving a specific cute name to a products is one of good branding and marketing moves. For example, their BB cream called Emina Beauty Bliss or their moisturizer called Moist in a Bottle. This kind of thinking Emina does in the first place, make this brand very distinct and recognizable (I tried to google beauty bliss review, it came up with Emina Beauty Bliss—or when you heard Star Lash mascara, you will think "Oh that's from Emina").

With their Emina Around The World campaign, this brand proves that they actually applied branding in every aspects. From their packaging, marketing moves with Emina Zine, the name of the products and store, to the visual design, they do everything to make the customer experience how Emina supposed to be. Although the design is not visually so beautiful or the best on the market, this brand tell their story consistently and clearly. In my opinion, Emina become a new example of branding in local beauty brand.

I don't think I can explain what branding really is but we can understand and build a connection with brands. Our brains actually don’t realized a lot of hidden message that brands actually talked to us at the first time. As I can experience myself with Emina, a brand consists with an experience and relationship. And here's a prove of my experience—through pictures.

1. Skincare and makeup from my personal collection
2. Moisturizer, and Star Lash mascara
3. Emina Creamatte matte lip cream [review here] and Emina Soul-matte lipstick
4. Another skincare and makeup from Emina Cosmetics
5. Emina Playground with giant mirror to take cute mirror-selfies
6. Cute spot product display on their playground with other bunch of mirrors.
7. Emina Creamatte in shade Fuzzy Wuzzy, Flamingo and Soul-matte lipstick in Fairy Fantasy
8. Sugar Rush collection: Lip scrub, face scrub and lipstick in Cookie dough "I take my sugar very seriously" travel pouch in the background.
9. Emina Zine first and fifth issues. The first issue actually bigger than the fifth in term of size. 
10. Emina My Favorite Things lip color balm, Cheeklit cream and pressed, Oh So Kissable lipstick, Creamatte in Flamingo and Chocolava, and City Chic CC Cake.
11. Take a look inside of Emina Zine(s).

Photography // Dian Yuliasari
Shot on 1100D with 50mm f1.8 lens and Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime  

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