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Quick Escape

by - July 29, 2017

Only have one pair of jeans I brought with me. That's enough.

I always love to travel to another city for a short trips. Who doesn't? It's really amazing seeing things in quick moments. Realizing all of this (life) is temporary. It's really important to refresh your brain so you can see everything clearer after that. Discovering a lot of new things to get inspired for work and life-balanced.

I never had quick escape before or unplanned trip before. This is my first time exploring my freedom of schedule. I usually planned everything before I left the city, where I'm gonna eat, where I'm gonna go, what I need to find, what I need to explore. I think I'm glad I did this my last trip to Yogyakarta. I just have two days free, and I need to refresh, and I just left and met my friend from Semarang. Not exactly unplanned, but everything is all of a sudden.

Jogja is one of my favorite city to visit. It's different kind of feeling for holiday. Jogja has this relaxing feeling during the stay. Bali for me is more adventurous kind of holiday. Jakarta is more the type of shopping experience (?) because Jakarta has a lot of shopping center. The traffic of Jogja not that crazy, unless on new year holiday. You don't mind to take a walk for 40 minutes in the night on sidewalk of Malioboro. You can watch and listen to street performers with street lights while you having street snacks.

The main reason we decided to do quick escape because of ArtJog 2017. To get inspired, to see art, to understand. The major thing is, art and design always have a meaning. I already see the artworks through instagram by the hashtag #artjog2017, I just need to experience by myself. Art is about experience for me. You will understand when you know the medium because art is bridge. Art tells a story, criticize politics, or reminding you of what is happenning in the society.

This was my first time for experiencing ArtJog [read about Artjog here]. It was amazing experience, that's all I can say.

Because this was just a quick escape, I only brought one backpack with easy wardrobe to style with. I brought one jeans with me and I wore them for two days. Jeans is one of the things we should bring during short trips because it's easy to style it with everything. Only have one pair of jeans I brought with me. That's enough. You can pull of everything with jeans. I brought my favorite pairs with me, It found it while I was thrift shopping. It's high-waisted, not exactly mom jeans, but similar to it. 

You also need a basic staple wardrobe. For me, anything with white or black. It's easy to style and it will always looks good at anytime and anywhere. I decided to bring my black long-sleeve sweatshirt from gaudi-clothing. The third one is my sleeping wear set. The last one is few numbers of scarfs. I need to bring at least three scarfs with different color options.

For shoes, my go-to is green sneakers that you have seen before, so you can run when you almost late to get on the train. Yes, I almost missed the train on departure. Glad I made it to, Jogja! On top of that: Thank you, Jogja. You've been wonderful. Always.


[Day 1 - gallery pictures]
LigninHijab headscarf  — Unbranded Bell-sleeve shirt — Thrifted High-waisted Jeans — Stradivarius Sneakers 

[Day 2]
Unbranded Glasses (similar here and here) — Pull & Bear Sweatshirts — Thrifted High-waisted Jeans — Unbranded (Bought at Malioboro) Sandals (similar here or here)


// Taman Sari (picture 1, 10)
// ArtJog, Jogja National Museum (picture 2-8)
// Rooftop, Whiz Hotel Malioboro (picture 9, 11, 12)

All pictures shot by Taqiyya N.


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