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Afternoon Summer

by - July 05, 2017

It's all about timing, and style is timeless.

It's already six months past and six month to go until 2017 ends. For me, it's really crucial because I feel like everyday I have deadlines about my future. I live in deadlines since I remember. especially when I was in college pursuing my bachelor degree. I had only three to four hours sleeping time. Sometimes, I didn't sleep for days. I remember overslept at a print shop in 5 a.m. because I hadn't sleep. Crazy. For sure, now I can manage time better than ever.

I believe timing is everything. We all always caught up in time. We woke up in the morning and sleep at night. Few days ago I went to Briosse Bistro around my neighborhood in the afternoon. They have perfect interior design, also good food and beverage (I mean they're really good!). I came in perfect time to take pictures.

Trends are based on time. But, I keep buying pieces are timeless and casual. Of course, represent my own personality. The most important of style, is about yourself, nobody cares if it's "this season", to be honest. I see a lot of people on Instagram actually pull of clothes they bought years ago and still looking bad-*ss on street. My basic tip is always check your bank account before buying too much clothes. You don't want to end up like the movie "Confession of Shoppaholic", right?

For example, this sweatshirt I got from Pull & Bear last February. They sell it on their spring collection (I think). With natural color, ecru is to be exact, it will easily paired with anything. You can mix it with muted color during the winter, or colorful day in the summer. It doesn't need a certain time frames to wear your own personality a.k.a style. The french terry fabric makes it more comfortable.

And yes, finally, summer is here. Yeay!

I never thought, that afternoon in the middle of summer will be this beautiful. It's almost sunset, that's why you the color is more yellow-ish.

In the summer, you need cool sunglasses. It's 30 degrees Celsius everyday in this city. It's really important to protect our eyes from the sun. I never thought I would really look good in aviator glasses, until this trend is coming: colored lens. I pick yellow lens because yellow is such a fun color that makes everyone happy. This is the only aviator glasses that is looks good on my face. This is the only aviator glasses that doesn't make me look like a bee.

The actual reason I bought this glasses is: so nineties! I just can't help myself. LOL.

I was feeling casual and soft, so I decided to wear nude brown trousers with a little bit have formal feeling. This is another timeless pieces because it's more formal. I also wear this trousers as my work attire. Remember, timeless is the key. It's also a key to save you more money.

Unbranded Glasses (similar here and here) —  Pull & Bear Sweatshirts Vaclo Pants — MKS Sandals 

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