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Nature's Neutral

by - May 02, 2017

Exploration with Pantone Color of The Year 2017: Greenery

After graduating last September and getting my Bachelor degree, I feel my life has changed a lot. I said my life, because not only my routine had changed, it's also the people, how I see the world, my ambition, my future plan, etc. I feel amazed how I can do things better than before and I'm also calmer than before. Something was in my mind for a month: what had I learned for the last four years in college? Getting into the industry, I feel like I'm lacking of basic design element. I had no idea what did I do for the last four years. Damn.

More concentrating to graphic design and visual is really in my mind right now. I need to learn more and more and more ....

As graphic designer and visual enthusiast, I always looking up to trends. The thing about trend is you don't have to always follow the trends and apply it to your style, but you always have to be updated to trends. It's really important what in and what's out of trend. For me, trends can give me inspirations for my work. This year trend (well, Color of the Year) is Greenery. This should be interesting, I thought.

Pantone announced Greenery as Color of the Year 2017 few months ago. Greenery is such a refreshing color and it's very neutral. Well, I didn't exactly found a perfect greenery color in my outfit that I show you in this post. I just like a neutral color palette with darker shade. Turns out the color pairing of Greenery that Pantone are suggested is what I see right now. Nature's neutral palette. That's it! That's me! I'm not really sure that Greenery is really a trend for fashion on Spring 2017. I just wanna see how my graphic design life is connected my style in fashion. Well, I wrote something on the last page of my thesis, if you have a good taste in fashion, you must have a good taste in graphic design. I don't know that is true for everyone or not. For me, it's true.

I should probably post spring lookbook. In this city, almost everyday still poured by rain and gloomy in the morning. Pairing suede midi slip dress with flare sleeve is totally Fall look. I combined this flare with sneakers. Giving the romantic silhouette of flare sleeves a twist with casual athleisure. I decided wear my basic jeans, with my basic-go-to-style wearing them: rolled up. Simple, quick, and comfortable while running errands. Serenity is still on the list of my favorite color and is really good paired with darker shade of green, so that's my headscarf. Last, as always give the 90's style with sunglasses with brown liquid lipstick from Emina cosmetics (read review here). Not exactly a total grunge look, but always dig brown lipstick to seal the deal.

As always, nineties for me.

Unbranded Flare Top — Unbranded Suede Slip Dress — Cardinal Fit Jeans — Stradivarius Sneakers — Formydarling Sunglasses

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