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Generation 'No Criticism'

by - February 14, 2017

Generation Y growing up through the internet and we let people see our lives through social media. So, what if we got criticism?

We called ourselves ad Generation Y. Nineties generation people is growing up throughout the time. My parents said that we are so lucky in this generation at our 20s where everything seems easier. Easy to access natural resources such as clean water. We also easier to get random foods from yummy to weird taste, from Indonesian traditional cuisine, to Thailand street snacks or Arabian cuisine. Internet is the best part, our generation growing up with technology called internet and social media where information spreads faster than the wind blows. Without us knowing, we let our lives spread out through digital media with assumption people can judge us. I let people judge my works through my design works and portfolio via Behance, let people know my style with my Instagram. Let myself being known same with let myself being ‘commented’. It can go for positive or negative. We call it compliment (for positive) and criticism (for negative). We always expect for the best, right?

So, what if we got criticism?

We got so happy when people leave a compliments on our comment notifications. The funny thing is (some) people feel being ‘attack’ or ‘hated’ when we got criticism. On the other country, critics are never been said literally in my environment. People tend to guard others people feeling even it's a nonsensical way of life. It's great to always make everyone happy. I love it. But, when it comes to critics, you just have to say it because it might change your life in a positive way. Understanding what the point of critics are really important. But people seems like too concern about how the subjects feels about what are they going to say.

It seems that we become generation 'no criticism'. On my case—this is really happened in my life—people around me tend to said things like this “Are you taking this picture by yourself?” when your images that you captured was so good. People say that because they don’t really want to compliment you that much. Case number 2, people say “Who did capture those images?” because it’s not good and afraid to hurt your feeling. It’s becoming a pattern of commenting someone’s work. People afraid of giving a criticism because some people are afraid to hurt other people, whereas the person you need to be criticized loose her/his chance to be better.

I appreciate a person who comment on something in the form of criticism as long as you give a motivation to others to be better at something. If you say it straight and very clear, it won’t be wasting anyone time as a person who being commented or the person who commented—with a very good advice, of course.

As a person who criticize on something, you need to be careful of what you point out. Make sure you have a basic knowledge about it so you can give an advice and recommendation.

As a person who get criticized, don’t guard up too early. Think about what they say. You’ll never know it will help you in the future before you try to take those critics.

On fashion perspective, I want to give compliments to my friends who design and run B-Bag brands. This bag was creatively designed and made from inner tube of car tire waste and recycled it so having leather looked-a-like. Combined with Tenun pattern to introduce people of Indonesian heritage and culture. The backpack designed to approach modern of young generation.

Peace out.

Vintage Trousers & Denim Jacket — Unbranded Top with Zipper details —MKS Shoes Sandals — B-Bag Kinan Shadow Bag

P.S.- At first I didn’t think that I would talked about 90s Generation, I just take pictures of my outfits that turned out very corresponding with my words. Is it a coincidence? But, there’s no such things are coincidence. Lol

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6 thoughts

  1. Ese look casual & denim me encantó

  2. I appreciate your sentiments on criticisms, I advocate for constructive criticisms so long as they are constructive. Fab look. Love your denim jacket.

    Inez | My Small World