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by - September 09, 2016

Understanding the growth with social media nowadays, I tried to write about it. So, I apologize first before you feel offended by what I wrote. We love internet, especially free wi-fi.

We all have been living in digital era. Every year we figure something to be sign up for. From facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, path (if you're Indonesian you must have been signed up),, and all of other social media account that I probably doesn't know. They're ridiculously a lot. I don't know how many emails you'll get if you signed up so many social accounts. As the young generation said, it's free and this is my personal business. But sometimes, we don't know exactly how to used it. 

At my age today (which is already 22), I think we should understand how to use those social medias wisely. Even if you haven't reach this stage of age, you have to understand that. We are responsible of what we've posted on any social media. Make sure it's not gonna sink your future like a titanic. For the past few months, there's too many "instadrama" (that's I called it). From broken heart to cyber bullying. From young marriage to another relationship drama. It's becoming such a new way of annoying things that people starting to get involved in other people's problem. But sometimes it's really amusing when few accounts give you some inspirations about fashion to life. That's the beauty of internet, everyone's would know it in a sec. That's why if you don't want to people get involved of your life, don't publish it too much.

I prefer shared some parts of my life, especially fashion through this blog. I started this blog to get inspiration from other person and making a journal about my personal style. And I feel the difference. When I scrolled through my archives, "wow, I look so different now". My style is changing through time to time. Not because of the trend, but I think I don't wanna wear same outfit. This blog makes me become a bigger person. I'm not an inspirational person to look up to. But I know some people would listen to what I said. It's really nice when you can be an inspiration even for just one second like a blitz.

After a long time with no new post, today I decided to write something that quite interrupted me for few weeks with shared this basic outfit (just basic shirt and a pair of vintage trousers) I wear when I don't really want to be "too dressed up" or when I'm in a hurry. My filthy white converse that have already been re-glued for the second times always be the perfect shoes for any casual-basic life with my busy days.

I like the minimalism trend, but now it's too simple and too monotone make me boring, tbh. Lol. This is my simple-basic-go-to outfit, that's all.

Happy ALIF! Alhamdulillah It's Friday!


Details black shirt – Vintage trousers – Converse basic sneakers 

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