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by - June 26, 2016

The fact that this post has already been on draft since two months ago, and I have to edit it again today cause the topic is too "old", and now I'm back to this world. Yeah! I'm gonna do more writing here (as a practice) cause my study is done. Alhamdulillah, Felling a little bit tired but really excited for new life experience ahead. I also gonna posting more about works in this blog to make more excitements for you. I hope you guys will enjoy it as well as me enjoy working on them. 

Talk about fashion, I think my style is changing. Just like trend maybe, but I'm not kind of person who following trend. As a graphic designer I need to know what's the trend in some industries cause it will influence my works. But that doesn't mean you have to buy everything to make you look like stylish. Being yourself and feeling comfortable is more important.

Somehow I realized that I never post this look which is, literally, my everyday look. I'm not gonna say that this is my signature look but I wear this look so often. Just different pants or different t-shirt. As I said before, I like to play with my outfit. It's an art. Art of mixing and matching.

This vertical stripes down blazer from my mother's era has been my favorite outerwear I've ever own. I always into vintage clothes rather than what's on trend. I have an opinions that vintage clothes makes me different among the others. Jeans is the perfect casual items for me when I have a lot of agendas in a day. The last one, my hijab. I always go with basic simple hijabstyle.

Invest to something to clothes that will make you different. For me, vintage clothes. Make sure your clothes speak out your personality. The personality is not the first thing people see, your style is.

Anyway, Ramadhan Kareem everyone. Wishing everyone have a very blissful Ramadhan with families and friends.


. Cardinal jeans . H&M long tee . Vintage blazer . Converse sneakers .

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9 thoughts

  1. i'm so agree with you! love this post <3
    I wishing you a happy Ramadhan with your families & friends :)
    Visit mine

  2. I love your jacket. Sort of looks PJ ish:)


  3. You're so pretty <3

  4. Great outfit !

  5. Really cool location and pictures!!


  6. Art of mixing and matching ! <3
    cool outfit, suits on you :))


  7. your outfit look so confortable ! btw happy ied