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by - February 07, 2016

Happy Sunday y'all! I've been gone since June. June 2015. Crazy! As I told you on my last post, which was last year, I was doing an internship in one of famous fashion brand in Indonesia, I.K.Y.K. It was amazing experience. I never thought I could get a chance. I was also busy doing research for my final project so I can finish my study as soon as possible.

So, how are you?

A lot of things has changed. I don't realize it until I browsed my old outfit pictures folders few days ago. I saw my bare face while taking #ootd pictures. Yeah. You're right. I'm into beauty and make up now. Perhaps one day I will post something about beauty? Maybe. Just wait for it.

My personal style is more boyish now than before. I feel more comfortable because I always have so many errands everyday. Converse is like my basic everyday wear. Pairing up with simple jeans that I have for years. I can't tell if this is skinny jeans or not, but it's super comfortable. I always do this: rolling up my jeans, for sure!

My basic top is more like long sleeves t-shirt. This one is super awesome. Digging through year-end-sale discount rack in Bershka store finding this t-shirt. It's has feminine design but very loose. I just love it.

As far as I know, sometimes change is good. But you have to make sure you go on the right direction. In this way, my personal style makes me more comfortable. Comfort is number one priority. That's the key.


. Vintage Denim Jacket . Bershka Top . Cardinal Jeans . Converse sneakers .


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9 thoughts

  1. super cute!

  2. So nice! Love the outfit! x

  3. Great look!

  4. Great look!

  5. Love denim on denim! Great look :)

  6. Love your lips color. Seru amaat kamu bisa intern di IKYK. I love that brand!

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  8. So nice. I love it!
    Good vibes, Fox
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