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Do The Layer

by - April 20, 2015

I had gone for such a long time from my favorite activity ever. A lot of things I had to do, already done, I felt like I updated my outfit of the day by instagram more often. Dunno why, but I miss blogging a lot. Writing is the best part of this kind of activity, sharing thoughts about my passion, that I can't get from instagram. I would not use my study at uni for the excuse of my hiatus. I don't know. I have no excuse. I just miss blogging so damn much.

I remember we took these pictures during rainy days. It was pretty cold and I thought I had to do a bit layering to keep me warm. I grabbed my long tee and put it together with basic shirt from details. The fabric was very light. Love it! I also paired them with pants from Mannequin Plastic and cropped denim jacket from Hardware. I chose white Converse because recently I fell in love with them. Before this, you had never seen me wearing converse haha. This is the first time you see it on the blog.

. Details Shirt . Hardware Long Tee & Denim Jacket . Converse SneakersPollete Sunglasses .

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