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Easily Mono

by - September 22, 2014

I easily lost myself in time, I choose black because it's everything from chic to edgy

I'm not gonna make an excuse for my hiatus. Just having busy weeks at college and it will get busier. I promise I'm gonna arrange my time and my blogging schedule so it would not be another long hiatus like last month. I'm totally sucks at time management. I'm off to campus at 7 a.m. and arrive at home at 9 p.m., sometimes 12 a.m. and I always forget the time to have dinner, work on assignment, etc.

I only have thirty minutes in the morning to choose an outfit, wear them, and put some minimal make-up. And black always an option. You can be chic, you can be edgy, even romantic with black. I don't know why recently when I was in a rush I always looked more dressed up then usual. 

I wore this outfit few days ago. I remember clearly that a day before I planned to wear full denim outfit. Turned out, I was over slept and running late. I saw my new shoes from New Look and I decided to wear them. I grabbed my old jeans from Colorbox that was black and now become army green-because of the "not proper caring" and style them with basic shirt that has dots pattern on it. Last but not least, the outer wear. It's my addiction to wear blazer, cardigan, jacket or any kind of outer wear. It just simply I need to. I picked my vintage loose blazer that over-sized for me (you've already seen it over and over). It's tweed so added the chicness to the look.

Just love how amazing styling with black. Because black has it all.

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pictures by Bani


BLAZER: Vintage

SHIRT: Unbranded

SHOES: New Look

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14 thoughts

  1. What a gorgeous look! I love it especially those shoes ♥


  2. So well dressed!!! Those shoes are amazing. xx


  3. great outfit, love your blazer!

  4. Adore your shoes!!!

  5. nice! the blazer is so cute... love it !
    wanna follow each other...? follow me and let me know, i will follow back :)

  6. Lovely vintage blazer! And your shoes really pretty! x


  7. Great style, love your blazer! :)

  8. whoaaa so in loveee! that heels really amazing!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC? let me know! keep in touch!

  9. COOLNESS :D anyone who took your pict s talented. i love all the angle ^^
    kindly check out my fashion blog girls :3

    xo Diras,

  10. You looks like a actress you should try to be a actress If you are not getting platform then follow me on We will help you