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Relaxing Find

by - August 22, 2014

Sometimes, I always have this thought: "I don't wanna look like other. I wanna have one of kind fashion items." That's sometimes makes me stupid. Last year I lost a lot of my clothing items including the vintage ones. I can never be angry at someone. How I show my angry is crying or shutting up then thinking. When, I lost my clothes I know literally that this is the side effect having them: you can't find them again in similar. Now, I starting to buy anything that I like lol. But, still stay on my budget, of course! 

I have never been owning denim jacket that so typical with others. I only had my vintage long denim jacket. Then, one day, I found this amazing basic denim jacket from Hardware when went to the mall for relaxing. I know instantly that this denim jacket is going to be my favorite. You can be edgy, feminine, androgynous, you can be anything. The most important thing of finding denim is make sure it fits you well and comfortable on your body.

The sun hit my face. I never thought that day will be super sunny and hot. When I looked into my closet I decided to not do layers. Exactly not part of the night-before plan. I saw my new clothes hanging in my wardrobe so I picked this basic t-shirt from Hardware. I love the fabric because it's very light so I can wear it in sunny day. Most important things it goes with anything. In this case I did tuck the t-shirt a little bit so it looked like asymmetrical. With my new denim jacket, it makes me easy to do anything because of the flats from The Little Things She Needs and it's not too dressed up. The accessories I wore are rings set from Stradivarius. I'm not really a fan of jewelry but these rings made me wanna wear them ever single day. I got eight rings, but I only wear four or five of them everyday. I brought camera that day so of course I chose my lovely satchel leather camera bag. It's my best purchase ever! 

Anyway, I designed this new look and I got my own domain. Yeaaay! Hopefully you like it! Keep in touch with me on instagram/twitter @dianyuliasari and follow my blog on bloglovin. Have a great day, you lovely people!


JACKET: Luna Maya for Hardware
TOP: Luna Maya for Hardware
JEANS: Cardinal
RINGS: Stradivarius

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