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by - August 12, 2014

Last semester, I had an exhibition as the finale of last semester hectic season. Everyone of us, should make a visual identity of a fictional brand that we created. I got into the beauty and health group. That's why I chose to make a cosmetic brand. My (fictional) cosmetic brand is called Mod.east. It needs a very very long brand description, I think I'm gonna skip this part. I've been worked on this visual identity for about 16 weeks including finding brand name, logo, designing, and production. I didn't just designing the packaging, but also on office letters, envelopes, graphic manual, business card, campaign, etc. But, I'm just gonna show the packaging design only just simply because I love my works ♥ (and this is related to fashion, the office stationary are not! hehe)

So, here the pics of my packaging design of the cosmetics.

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