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#TBT: Jogja Photo Diary Part 2

by - January 23, 2014

Mostly of you are instagram user I believe. #tbt, I didn't thing this hashtag was famous before instagram. In my instagram feed, a lot of my following accounts do #tbt when it comes to Thursday. Now its my turn doing #tbt. This post actually already drafted since August. But, I can't even remember why I delay to post. It's before I decided to wear hijab, so you see my hair that was 4 months ago.
Jogja. It has been my favorite city to visit. The culture that they have and maintain, is always make me feel relaxed. I think it's because the different vibe between Jogja and the city that I live in. Surabaya, it's metropolis. Every day, what I see at the streets are car, motorbike, and traffic jam.

I visited Jogja last July with my friend, Sheila. What I post today are photos when I visited Prambanan Temple, Taman Sari, and Sultan Palace (Keraton). All these photos are taken in my second day. The first day is already posted, you can read about it here. Every thing about Jogja is just nice. I may have been there more than three times, but it's never enough. I plan my next trip to Jogja, and it will be in next June, InshaAllah. I plan to see more about Jogja and I'm really excited to see ARTJOG 2014. Whooohoooaa!!!

---- Sultan Palace ----

---- Taman Sari Water Castle ----

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3 thoughts

  1. awesome photos! :)
    you looks so happy in it , happy holiday :)

  2. Your photos are amazing. So lovely xx