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by - October 20, 2013

It's not holiday yet. But surely I think I need one. The college assignments this semester is going crazy! It may just entered the 7th week of 18 weeks, but the assignment is like replacement for final exam. I don't really have that kinda exams, my lecturer give us the assignments.

Here's my wish for holiday: Please coming faster, holiday!!, go shopping, go aboard just for shopping, (Singapore)! Why I picked Singapore for my holiday wish list? Yeah, after my friends and read other bloggers' post about Singapore, makes me so damn jealousy because I've not been there :(

After I read and watched so many reviews and advertisements, I think Singapore is a chill place to shopping in Southeast Asia. What I wanna do in Singapore besides shopping is spending a whole day in Universal Studios, Resort World Sentosa. I watched a movie, Bring It On: IN IT TO WIN IT. It set on Universal Studios, Los Angeles California. The thing that makes me interesting is the Battlestar Galactica dueling roller coaster! I'm a huge fan of roller coaster. It's like take me to another world. Even I do scream, but what I feel is fun. Universal Studios Singapore has a lot of  amusement rides or parades. But the first thing that wanna do (if my plan to Singapore is a go) is trying the battlestar galactica dueling roller coaster. Can't wait!

Resort World Sentosa also has hotels for the visitors to stay. Hard Rock Hotel and Festive Hotel. Okay, I think this post is really selfish because I'm gonna tell you about what I want (so sorry for that). I've visited Resort World Sentosa website, and I found this pictures of Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. So amazing, right? Duuuuh! More detail wish list is coming: When I go to Singapore. I have to stay at Hard Rock Hotel.

And then the last thing. Have you heard Garuda Indonesia? You must have known it so well! Garuda Indonesia is a famous airlines which has the super awesome service! Garuda Indonesia almost never having a delay, unless, of course if there's some kinda weather problem. My dad said if I flight with Garuda Indonesia, it's really worth it with the price. Because it's such as comfortable flight, you know! And there's a lot other benefits that if I write down on this post, this post is never been updated! LOL! You really should try having an experience with Garuda Indonesia. 

Yeah, just wait and hoping and all my plan that I've been talking to is a mission that's going to happen! AMIN! :)


*Street of Singapore* I really would like to take my outfit post at the street in Singapore

Look at her and the background! Such a lovely place to shopping >.<

That's the photo from Willabelle Ong from Pale Division. She attended Singapore Fashion Week on October 9-10. I'm so jealous because I really want to go there. AAAARGHHHH!

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16 thoughts

  1. Good luck Dian :D
    tapi grammar-nya ada beberapa yang kurang pas kalau dibaca lhoo^^'
    mungkin kamu bisa minta bantuan buat dieditin lagi biar lebih mantep wish plan-nya ;D #saran

  2. Wow... I wish I can go to singapore like your wish, and flight with garuda indonesia.
    Feel so lux and joy B-)

  3. Tenang Dian.. Kalo aku ke Singapore duluan, aku pasti ajakin kamu kq buat jadi Translator ku.. hahahaha..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. beautiful blog!
    beautiful post!
    beautiful reader~~ :P
    I wish you luck, Greeennn :D

  6. yeah,. it's a good choice.. actually, i wont go to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia too

  7. yaaap yaap smoga wish plan nya terkabul diaan, Singapore? It's a good choice to shopping !

  8. yaaap yaap smoga wish plan nya terkabul diaan, Singapore? It's a good choice to shopping !

  9. wooooowww universal studios XD I wish you really go there and tell me how nice Singapore is when you come back, okay? :) you have to make me envy and good luck!!

  10. I think I need one too, a holiday.. maybe six months.. twice a year :D LOL

  11. dian, jangan lupa bawa oleh-oleh :v

  12. Ah I'm dreamin' about that place too. Not only for the travelling but also career in future haha. Well, because Singapore is one of most places where designers like us will get paid so high hihi. Wish our dreams come true :)

  13. Semangat kaka Diaaan.. hope that your wishplan comes true :D

  14. Hope your wish fulfilled :) Good luck, dear.