16 October 2016

New Mate: Emina Creamatte (Review)

Matte trend strongly hit our ground, especially for liquid lipsticks. Make up brands came out with a lot of flattering products of liquid lipsticks from Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics, Stila, Maybelline, and a lot of others. This trend entering Indonesia and our local brands launched their matte liquid lipsticks, one by one.

We all know that liquid lipstick or lipcream are the trend for the past few years, and now metallic lipstick. Today I'm not gonna talk about metallic trend (just yet). I want to introduce you to my new mate from Emina Cosmetics, which is Emina Creamatte.

Emina is pretty much new make up brand here in Indonesia. They're targeting young girls in high school. It shows on their packaging so clearly. They're so cutie and girly. Not really my kind of design preferences, but they're so good. This Creamatte is their first liquid lipsticks. 

Creamatte. Matte. So you know, they'll have matte finish on your lips. The texture of this liquid lispticks are creamy, but not as creamy as Colourpop ultra matte lip. The texture is creamier than Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcream (I'm sure everyone in my country knows this products). This creamatte is a little bit sheer, and you need to apply the products in two layers. Creamatte will have powdery finish and a little bit sticky before it dries completely. One thing that everyone will loves, it's transferproof. Don't worry, it still feel comfortable on your lips.

For price 45,000 rupiahs (around $3-$4 dollars approximately) with amount of products 5.5grams, this is so affordable. The price are appropriate with their target market who are high school girls with very low budget.

Creamatte available on seven different shades, and I currently just own two favorite shades from all their shades. 


This shade are PERFECT! I just can't handle myself not to but this shades. I love brown lipsticks, but I never thought this brown is so purrrfect (sorry, I just love this shades so much). This is my most favorite brown ever. This brown have a cool undertone and suitable for everyday life cause it's look like nude brown. This chocolava reminds me of Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips in Point Zero, but this one is a little bit have more orange to it. 


Fuzzy Wuzzy is everyone daily colours, I believe. Because I see a lot of friends loving this color tone everyday (different products). This shade have pink and a little bit brown to it. At first impression, I thought they were nude color, but in my lips they just looks brighter. I love this color even though I'm not gonna wear it everyday. When I wear this shades on my lips, I was like "whoa, too feminine for me".Just for special occasion (such as wedding event, or cute other event) because I still love them. 

P.S. : Every shades of lipsticks will be different on each skin tone. Sometimes looks darker, sometimes look brighter. It depends on your skin tone.

Overall, I love this Creamatte from Emina Cosmetics. I think they're worth to buy and repurchase (cause I want to try other shades lol).  They also came out with such amazing shades which I love. The product itself has good quality and quantity. If you wanna try on your lips, you can get them at Emina playground. I got mine on Emina Playground Supermall Pakuwon Indah Surabaya.

So, for love, hopefully this review will be helpfull