04 September 2014

Living in Between

It's 31 degrees Celsius and I'm still thinking it's fall even the weather is super hot and sunny. I live in between.

If the Carly Rae Jepsen's single is Call Me Maybe, than for me is Call Me Crazy, really. When Surabaya is reaching 31 degrees Celsius, I decided to go doing some layering. Pretending that now I'm entering fall season. I just went off to campus for planning what-to-take on the next five months in the middle of traffic that I experienced on the way.  And also meeting my college friends that I hadn't seen for almost three months. 

I don't do any fall trends in this outfit. I basically wearing any kind of clothes that simply makes me comfortable in any kind of situations. Like in this one, I picked my mom's vintage blazer I got from her wardrobe that sometimes she still asks where did I buy it like she has never owned this chiffon pattern-printed blazer. The top I wore is from somewhere-I-cannot-remember. Unbranded, but it's very comfortable. Because it was so windy in the morning that I went out, I threw on a faux leather moto jacketI always felt cold even it just 20 degrees Celsius, just can't stand on cold temperatures. That was becoming a layering day. At first the skirt was put on because I just wanted to wear them but turns out was giving a touch of feminism balancing the manly jacket. 

Since the citizens here is very wanted to get involve to everyone business, I know some people see me on the streets would have questions like "How could you not feel hot in that jacket?" or statement like "You're in the wrong city wearing them like that." But guess what: As long as you comfortable wearing that clothes and you fit on them, you can throw on everything you want and be stylish.

P.S. - Happy first day of NYFW everyone who's coming and Happy Hijab Day for us who wear headscarf.
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BLAZER: Vintage

BAG: From Malioboro, Yogyakarta



photo by : Taqiyya Najiatullah