19 April 2014

Something New

It's been three weeks and my last post. Sorry folks! It just college thing is going crazy. It still eight weeks to go to the end of this semester. Now, at the middle of the night, I'm writing this post with annoying flu which makes me always wanna lay around.

I wanna try something new. Few weeks ago (or I can say "months"), my friend, Intan wanted me to be her experiment of MUA. So, I said yes. I think it may become beauty sections on this blog. A lot of people in campus don't know that she can do make up. So did I. When I see her Sephora make up box, and other beauty tools she has, I just like "whoa". Well, it isn't easy to get any Sephora in Indonesia. 

I'm not really good at beauty. But, I always wanted to try light smokey eyes. I hope you like it, folks!

Make up and Photograph by Intan H. Marysa