27 April 2014

Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition

How to Style Maxi Skirt

I really like challenging myself. Just like T.S. Eliot said "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” This is super fun challenge! So, here I am, blog about two outfits for Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition (sorry, folks! Indonesian only). Click here for the info. I was inspired with Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials, one of them is the maxi.

Nothing is better than maxi. As you know, for the past few months I've been blogged my outfit posts in maxi skirt. I am still finding more of maxi skirts to fill up my closet. Maxi skirt and maxi dress can give you feminine, cool, chic, boho, sporty, you name it! It's so puuuurrrrfect for spring and summer. I chose my favorite chiffon maxi skirts. The pastel yellow? Say, hellow!

For the first look I'd like to do casual sporty. Who said you can't have sporty look with maxi skirt? Here's the proof! I need to be comfortable during my day because I have many class to be attended. So I paired it up with black sweatshirt with the leather details on the shoulder and white running shoes. When you're late, it will not hurt your feet like heels. I like those color coordination to make the center of the outfit is the maxi skirt.

The second look, it's actually I already posted last month here. It's more like for gathering or other formal event with vintage touch. I paired the skirt with the short sleeve top with lace layering, vintage outerwear. It's not a knitwear, it's more like tweed but not too thick. And the last thing: the bag. It's actually a camera bag. It's postman style and has a vintage touch.

So, here you go. I hope you guys also inspired with Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials (scroll down for the list) and I hope my styling tips could inspired you. Have a good day, folks! 

P.S. - Sorry for the bad noise on the picture, I took the picture inside my house because outside is raining :(

First Look
TOP: Gaudi

Second Look
OUTERWEAR: VintageTOP: Chocochips (old)
SHOES : Kickers