12 March 2014


It's time to share my interest. Yep yep. I love photography. Since I decided to use android, Instagram is definitely my favorite social app. For you who haven't follow my instagram, this is the time to click the button here (@dianyuliasari). And today I'm gonna show you my feed the past few weeks!

I've found a lot of people in Instagram have amazing feed. I feels like I can drawn into their photographs. And then one day. I discovered this amazing app that actually first it was made, just available for iphone. Few weeks ago, they finally available for Android. Can you guess what the app is? It's VSCO Cam! It's my favorite photo app so far. Well, before VSCO Cam, I've downloaded a LOT of photo editor app. Since I used this app. I don't need another app anymore. I always love the result ♥ ♥ ♥

Have you downloaded it? Well, for you who love photography, you need to try this. And I hope you guys enjoy this app as much as I do :) 

How about you? What's your favorite app?

Oh yeah one more! Don't forget to follow my Instagram (here) and my blog on bloglovin (here). Have a great day, y'all!