16 March 2014

Bright like Yellow

Weekend is here! Finally have the time for doing my favorite things: blogging. After going through busy days, I managed my time to edit the outfit photos. I never have the photos of my one outfit taken itn 197 frames! I didn't realized that until Friday, which is three days of the photos were taken (exactly Tuesday). Crazy! Although at the end I just post not more than 15.

I expect that last Tuesday was going to be a sunny day with the blue sky and the clouds. No! After we shot all the images, it was raining. Well, spring is coming. Not here where I live but I love to have spring in soul ♥. That's why I decided to wear something bright like yellow with my vintage outerwear.

It's not a dress. I love maxi skirt, specially chiffon skirt. I wanted to wear this skirt again after my post ice cream really really bad. I wore the yellow top that I've had for about two years but not wear it often. Because the top isn't a long sleeve top, so I wore this vintage outerwear. It's not a knitwear, it's more like tweed but not too thick. And the last thing: the bag. It's actually a camera bag. It's postman style and has a vintage touch.


SHOES : Kickers