02 February 2014


It has been cloudy everyday. The sun is hiding behind dark clouds. The wind blows very strong. This particular atmosphere always success make me lie around in my room, hug my Keropi doll until I oversleep. Sometimes I make a cup of coffee or chocolate milk as my companion during editing the interface of this blog and keep this on my mind: "always have the sun spirit". Always keep on your mind, even though it's cloudy outside your house. you have to think that the sun is smiling on you right now :)

Okay well then, let's talk about my outfit! I found this dungaree last month on a small boutique. I just glad that I finally have dungaree. It's one of must have item on 2013 right? Which means I'm very late but better late than ever right? I paired it with basic shirt from Nevada (you can get it from Matahari Dept. Store) in mint (or aqua? I can't tell). It made a contrast with the dark color of dungaree. Other details are below the photos.

P.S. - the flower crown is just a sneakpeak of my personal project. Stay tuned!

Pictures by INTAN H. MARYSA


// DUNGAREE : Unbranded //
// SHIRT : Nevada //
// BAG : Gaudi //
// SHOES : UP //