21 February 2014

Ice Cream

This is my outfit on Monday. I though I must wearing bright color or something that can't provide a good mood after heavy ashes rain from Mt. Kelud eruption (even though is 93 miles southeast away) on last Thursday at night (Februari 13th). On Friday morning, my scooter covered with a lot of tiny ashes that almost invisible to see because they're in 5-10 microns. Pretty much sad that day, but Alhamdulillah the eruption is getting better everyday.

I chose pastel color. I didn't mean to make myself look like an ice cream. I just wanted to wear this maxi skirt that I got month ago. Turned out I did pick this shirt quickly and this headscarf. I felt preppy that day because I had studio class (which happens every Monday for 4 hours and Tuesday for 2 hours). It was also the reason why my headscarf style looks simple (well, it is the basic one). My friends said that day I looked like an ice cream and candy. Do you think I look like ice cream?



// SHIRT : Nevada //
// SKIRT : Unbranded //
// WATCH : Nixon //
// SHOES : Kickers (old) //