28 January 2014

Rainy Days

How are you guys? Hope you guys have amazing day at work, school, or anywhere you be! How am I? Well, Indonesia doesn't have four seasons like US, we just have two seasons. Rainy and Summer (or hot?). And now, we're in rainy season. The weather is totally good for me because I don't really like hot weather. But, I don't like when I have to be at home all the time because of the rain. So sorry to make you confused about what I said. So now, I'm at home. Doing anything I can do to make my holiday productive.

Okay, the outfit. You know, rainy days and I need to keep myself warm. It's not like winter, but for me it's pretty cold. If I go somewhere, I absolutely take my cardigan, coat, parka or leather jacket. And few weeks ago, I found this amazing coat in my mom closet. She bought it before I was born. I don't know how long ago but I think it's very long. I couldn't let myself ignore this amazing piece. I just grabbed it and placed it in my own closet. I decided to wear this coat with pattern pants. I wrapped the cashmere scarf to cover my neck because the hijab do I chose is knotted turban style in coral.


// COAT : Vintage //
// BOOTS : Adorable Projects //
// SCARF(s) : unbranded //
// RING : Malioboro market, Yogyakarta //