23 December 2013


It's actually not a dress. Just a sweatshirt and a maxi skirt. The sweatshirt is one of my favorite piece from my closet that I get from Gaudi. And the skirt, I've not told you about this on previous outfit. When I found this skirt, I'm just like obsessed with it. It's a see-through. So for us who wear hijab, we should wear leggings to cover the leg.
I put them together because I wanted to make an illusion so looked like wearing a maxi dress because I don't have black maxi dress. And I really wanted to wear a black to make a contrast with the vibrant color of the headscarf.

Sweatshirt : Gaudi // Skirt : unbranded // headscarf : unbranded // backpacks : found at yogyakarta // Shoes : Adorable Projects Indonesia