04 September 2014

Living in Between

It's 31 degrees Celsius and I'm still thinking it's fall even the weather is super hot and sunny. I live in between.

02 September 2014

A Year Back

NYFW is coming on Thursday. I wish I could be there. I always have a dream to come to New York to watch New York Fashion Week live. In years later, perhaps? InshaAllah. Let's dream it! And make it! It would be amazing to see Alexander Wang, Rachel Zoe, Phillip Lim, and Proenza Schouler-their pieces of art come alive down on the runway. Meeting street style and watching them got shot by street style photographer, seeing important in this fashion industry. I would be something that I can't never explain.

24 August 2014

Daisy's Rose

I've been keeping my eyes on what's going on with fashion in Indonesia. There's a lot of local brand here is currently growing. The quality that they give to us is no question ask. Even some people still asking. I know that they afraid local stuff is not good. Import stuff is. That's not true. Both are great. I keep finding new local brands (or maybe I didn't know before) every time.