In the middle of the night I always awake trying to work on things that I can't do in the morning. One of them is keep working on this blog, editing, writing, or designing. As you can see my blog has new look and now it's responsive design. So, it will easier for you when read this blog on your device. I think midnight it's my favorite time of the day because it's so quite and makes me see everything clearly. 

Some of you may see this skirt on my instagram account, but I never posted on this blog. I always love having unique pieces for my daily outfit. Unique pieces will makes you unique as individual. This will makes you stand out from other people around you. There are always two ways: good or bad. Everything depends on how you wear it, how you pair it with, and your personality. Some people I met in person say that this is a cool skirt, others say I dress up too much by wearing this skirt. Some of them say it's not for daily wear. Well, I wore it to attend the class few times (about ten times).

The undefined silhouette of this skirt which is probably inspired by Japanese fashion makes me feel so comfortable. Of course the silhouette undefined makes pros and cons on every person perspective, it's not a casual shirt, so it's fair. Unbranded makes this skirt more undefined. I got this from a not-fancy-shop in the mall and it was dirt cheap.

The Japanese inspired silhouette itself doesn't make me wanna do the classic Japanese look. I paired this with this asymmetrical long sleeve top from Bershka to create grunge look without too grunge. And of course my favorite white converse sneakers to walk easily around the city catching up schedules. The last thing you need is classic sunglasses for covering the eyes from dust and pollution to complete the look.

Bershka Asymmetrical Top — Unbranded Skirt — Converse White Classic Sneakers  Emina Creamatte Lipcream


So here I am, back with outfit post after my last post about make up and beauty trend. I've never thought that I will be in love with beauty and keeping myself up date with the trend is. I don't know why, I feel like the people around me really into makeup nowadays. My instagram feed on explore tab full with makeups, makeups, makeups.

My days of being at home and recovering now filled with selecting few works and updating my portfolio. And also I just need to take a breath because the last two months was an insane journey. I feel like I have to be 100% of making my new portfolio cause I don't want to be a "just". We only live once, so if you have a dream, pursue it. Follow your passion (this is so cheesy like a poster you found all over tumblr). Year after year we will find something we'll love so much, and for me it's fashion and graphic design. My study is over, and now it's time to moving on to the next step of life.

After the very long sleepless months, I made it. Graduated.

Now, I become a calmer person, my friend said. Feel so inspired with earth tone color how everything is so soft without having a contrast but still looking really good at the same time. I understand life is simple. Life is always just a place of transition for what we really looking for. Everyone lives, everyone dies. Happens everyday. You may sad, but don't be sad for too long. What goes around, comes around. If your happiness goes, it's just temporary. It will be back soon. What we do, we always have to cherish and be grateful every time. For the health, wealth, family, friends, and a lot of things. If you want something, work hard for it. It's never too late to start. The only thing make you late is because you afraid. Don't be afraid. You only live once. "It's always impossible until it's done" -Nelson Mandela. 

On the other side of my life, I still browse through the internet. No lies that minimalism has been a trend since last year and now still a trend. With clean cut and very simple pairing clothes can make you look ready to any occasion. I'm sure everyone has one or two pieces in their closet. Another trend we should look up to is over-sized tailoring. I don't know why it's become a trend. But the trend itself are inspired from the street style or movies or books.

Pairing both trend into one style is make life so much easier for me. Both basically have a clean cut. It's basically what I have in my closet. The silhouette of the clothes makes me look skinnier. Is it bad? I don't think so. I love earth tone color palette recently, and this kind of brown is what I like. Wearing over-sized long shirt made with polyester is really comfortable in this city. The temperature here is above 38 Celsius. Insane. That's why recently I'm not doing layering.  

The last thing I understand, wearing sandals in that heat was probably the best idea.

New Mate: Emina Creamatte (Review)

Matte trend strongly hit our ground, especially for liquid lipsticks. Make up brands came out with a lot of flattering products of liquid lipsticks from Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics, Stila, Maybelline, and a lot of others. This trend entering Indonesia and our local brands launched their matte liquid lipsticks, one by one.



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